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Spiced Skewers

Our Story

Namak (salt) is the only rock directly consumed by man. It corrodes but preserves, desiccates but is wrested from the water. It has fascinated man for thousands of years not only as a substance he prized and was willing to labour to obtain but also as a generator of poetic and mythic meaning. The contradictions it embodies only intensify its power and its links with the experience of the sacred. 

Salt is the policeman of taste: it keeps the various flavours of a dish in order and restrains the stronger from tyrannizing over the weaker.

All through history, the availability of salt (Namak) has been pivotal to civilization history. In India, on March 12, 1930, Gandhi and eighty of his followers marched over 200 miles in 24 days to the city of Dandi. Along the way, he stopped in villages and spoke out against the salt tax. By the time they reached Dandi on April 5, more than fifty-thousand people had gathered. On that day, the eyes of India, the British government, and the whole world were on Gandhi.......

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Indian Food
Indian Food

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